Aki Hoshihara is a Japan-born, Los Angeles based artist with a background in traditional Japanese calligraphy. She studied calligraphy from the age of 5 until 17 under masters, Masamichi Ueno and Ippan Ueno in Kagoshima Japan as a form of martial arts. Her work is best known for the fusion of black Sumi-ink and the bright chromatic palette of watercolors and other mixed media. The fluid and sensual brushstrokes – inspired by the energy flow of humans and nature - take us to a moment of contemplation and harmony. Sumi ink with layers of other mediums draws us into a meditative state and allows us to reflect on our own consciousness.  

Aki dedicates her work to heal the subconscious and to guide infinite potential within us. She offers Reiki, past life regression & hypnotherapy service in LA. Click here for details about her intuitive healing work and teaching schedule for Reiki training class.